Pro And Cons In Each Supplier(eBay Dropshipping)

Pro And Cons In Each Supplier(eBay Dropshipping)

Aliexpress supplier
  • High profit in general price in aliexpress very low
  • It more easy be unique less competitors from amazon
  • There is a lot trending products in aliexpress
  • Global shipping
  • Customer service less convenient .
  • Long shipping(few dollars and you have fast shipping)

Amazon supplier
  • A lot competitors , most of the dropshippers use Amazon as supplier .
  • Great communication and support
  • Very fast shipping
  • eBay doesn’t like sellers that do dropshipping from Amazon
  • Still one of the best website to do dropshipping from amazon to eBay
  • Need take care of vero .

Cjdropshipping and Yakkyofy
  • They have our own US warehouse and products here can be delivered just in 2-5 days to US customer. .
  • Very safe cannot get vero suspended ,very reliable and fast shipping
  • One to one communication very easy not with different suppliers(like aliexpress).
  • Be creative put different products in one package,