Why Non Api So Important
by colbass.com

“Why eBay is flagging my account?”  a question of many dropshipper who are affected of what happened way back 2018 when ebay closed massive of accounts then and unfortunately still happening nowadays.


Still wondering if there’s a way to “fix” the eBay dropshipping flag?

With Dropeex, you avoid being flagged by eBay at all


Why NON API Lister is important?

Look at this picture, this is worth 1000 words.



Dropshippers who connect and use third party softwares (monitors) that go against ebay terms. One day will be flagged is just question of time.


Let's give look on eBay terms



Do you remember what happened in April 2018? eBay started BANNING AGRESSIVLY DROPSHIPPING ACCOUNTS , thousands of Dropshippers who were using software monitor programs that use eBay API.


After what happened, some of the best successful Dropshippers around the world invested their time and knowledge, they gathered up with a high level professional team of engineers and built a premium software called DROPEEX.

A SOFTWARE WHICH MAKES YOU SELL LIKE A PRO, a software that does not connect to API


Flagged acount was no views cause the exposure is very low.


As you already know, all efforts to somehow cheat Ebay have  only temporarily and short term result. After all, their smart machine algorithms will catch you, and your store will be closed immediately.



Those photos are the example of how ebay flagging accounts affect their sales and the performance of the store.


Our team investigated and made some research about it and we come up with the conclusion that using API monitors could affect not only your listings but also put your store in a high risk of flagging by eBay.



Introducing: DROPEEX Non-API


A Great software solution for non-API eBay dropshipping that doesn’t require a browser extension or eBay’s file exchange system. You avoid being flagged which means you get up to 10x more sales and your listings get much higher visibility compared to other dropshippers!


We started working with a few selected sellers to develop software that could dropship on eBay without connecting to their API, resulting in up to 10X more sales than other eBay dropshippers.


We at Dropeex have never regretted time nor money for the effort to be an Ebay compatible. It is not just a nice label, it means we passed all Ebay's requirements. Thus work with Dropeex is much easy and more safely .



Flagged acount there is no views cause the exposure very low .