Tips For Dropshipper(eBay Dropshipping)

Tips For Dropshipper

 10 Tips to Increase Sales in your Dropshipping Business



Dropshipping has made it easy for entrepreneurs to ride the e-commerce field. Because a dropshipping business will requires lesser capital and it’s very simple to get started in that kind of business.


If you've tried dropshipping in the past but had a hard time converting traffic into customers, these dropshipping tips can help you start making more sales.



1.Check Completed eBay Listings for Pricing

Price is one of the most important factors buyers consider on eBay. Set a competitive price to impact buyers willingness to pay, but it also affects how visible the item is in eBay’s SEO

How to Find Completed Listings

Scroll down on the search results page at left hand corner until you reach the Preferences section. Under “Show only,” click the box for “Completed Items and Sold Items”


2.Correct Item Descriptions for SEO

It is also one of the great eBay selling tips you’ll hear again is to optimize your item descriptions. Put the special or specific keywords in the item specifics. Buyers are likely to use in a search engine when looking for what you’re selling. Use keywords naturally in your title, item specifics and description. You should make your item description SEO- friendly. It is important to lead buyer with the most important details about the item that you’re selling. They will tend to pay more attention to what is at the top of the listing.


3.Include UPC

UPC are very useful because this can make sure that your listings are found by search engine. It’s important to include UPC, EAN and MPN in every listings. eBay used that information to connect buyers to the products that they are looking for. They give then information that they need to make their purchase.


Customers want to see what they’re buying, so it’s important that each of your listings includes high-quality, original picture. That way you will attract more buyers to check out what’s in your store.
5.List Items Daily

Create new eBay listings as often as possible, it’s better to list item daily because of how eBay algorithm works,  listing one item a day for 1 week straight is better than listing just massive of items in 1 day.

Dropeex is here for you to help you create listing easily.

6.Offer Free 30-day Returns.

Giving customers the option to return items for free for up to 30 days not only benefits your customers, but it also makes your listings more appealing and more likely to appear in eBay’s search results. And it will give the buyer a feeling of being comfortable buying items to your store.

7.Provide Free Shipping

Offering free shipping is a great way to make your listing more appealing to buyers.



8.Adding Best Offer

When you add the best offer option to your eBay listings, you’re inviting buyers to negotiate with you. After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer.


9.Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings helps your items stand out among billions of listings on eBay and be seen by millions of active buyers when they’re browsing and searching 

10.List Item from Home

If you are new in eBay, I suggest that do not list immediately products from Amazon or Aliexpress. You can list items from home at least 7 days.



If you’re new to selling on eBay, you may not be able to implement all of these strategies immediately. It may take time for you to gather enough inventory to make new listings daily or even weekly. It’s great that you will start your business slowly but surely.

However, even if you’re only ready to list your very first item for sale, it’s clear there are numerous steps you can take to ensure you create successful listings, establish an excellent seller reputation and start making profits. After all, if these methods work for eBay’s top sellers, they’re bound to work for you as well.

How to Improve and Maintain Your Feedback Score


Every member of eBay has a feedback score based on their trading experience. The score is a combination or both buying and selling transactions. The more feedback you have, the more trusted and authentic you appear as a community member. It is very difficult to get sales with a low feedback score. You need to be smart on how to take care of your feedback score.


Here are the 5 principles that you must put attention:


  1. Responsive Customer Services
  2. Low Returns Rate
  3. Low Defect Rate
  4. Competitive Prices
  5. Fast Shipping



Dropshipping is real bussiness and running a business requires daily effort. Be creative and unique Try use different suppliers . There is a lot like  Aliexpress, Amazon, Banggood, Yakkyofy, Cjdropshipping, Costway, chinavasion.





eBay is a great way to make some extra income from the comfort of your own home. It is open to anyone, there are no barriers to entry. Make sure you take the proper steps to educate yourself about eBay policies and rules before jumping in.